Thank you, Denver.

Icart etching "Orchids"

Icart etching "Orchids"

I’ve never exhibited at a show in Denver, so I didn’t know what to expect.  The results are in.  We did well enough to want to exhibit in Denver again.  Attendance was reasonably good, but that’s not a surprise as the show management advertised well.  We saw numerous ads on television.  The attendees were reasonably knowledgeable.  They showed good interest and asked intelligent questions.  It was also very nice to receive as many compliments as we did.  Some people went out of their way to say nice things to us.

Sales were moderate with interest in Icart etchings stronger than at other recent shows.  There was also good interest in Tiffany glass and lamps, and French glass.  At this show, there was little interest in Art Deco glass by Le Verre Francais and Lalique as well as pottery by Rookwood.

The best result of the Denver Antiques Show was the lack of fear.  There was not a single mention of recession.

On to Redondo Beach, CA, for a show this coming weekend.  We’ve exhibited there for the last several years and it’s usually good.

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4 thoughts on “Thank you, Denver.

  1. Phil….what a nice touch. Your written words sound like you were here speaking them. The site is artistically pleasant, and the information relevant. Bravo. I look forward to more of the same.

  2. Mike, nice to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words. Please tell others about my blog. Best. Phil

  3. I was peasantly surprised to open your “blog” site you made me feel like was at the show.

    It was so easy to read, you did a great job, but then I would not have expected less from you.

    You have a passion for what you are doing and it comes through.

    Boy, you must have a lot of miles

  4. Thanks, Alan. Nice to hear from you. I really appreciate all the lovely things people have written about my blog. Please recommend it to others. Best. Phil

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