Doyle New York held a Color & Light: The Collection of Thomas Chua sale on March 4, 2022

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Doyle New York sold the mostly French glass collection of Dr. Thomas Chua on March 4, 2022. Sales totaled $435,111, more than double the pre-sale estimate of $124,150-184,650. Spirited bidding pushed the sell-through rate to 98%. Following are a few of the highlights.

Doyle lot #89

The top lot of the sale was #89; and hard to explain. The only thing special about it were the internal foil specks. The colors were mostly undesirable brown and green. The shape was nice, with a pinched-in rim, but nothing special. The size was small at 4½”. Yet it sold for $13,860, including buyer’s premium, against an estimate of $700 – $1,000. I probably wouldn’t have bought it even if had only brought $1,500. Like I’ve said before, sometimes bidders have more cents than sense.

Le Verre Francais Chat chalice, Doyle lot #145

Chat (Cat) decoration in Le Verre Francais is one of the rarest and most desirable. Lot #145 was a sterling example, with a great shape and superb color. At 10″ tall, it was a wonderful example. It sold for $11,610, including buyer’s premium, against a ridiculously low estimate of $300 – $400. I don’t buy much Le Verre Francais nowadays as I exhibit at very few shows. But if I did exhibit at more shows, I probably would have bought this vase.

Tiffany Studios 12″ diameter Favrile floor lamp, Doyle lot #183

There were only a few offerings by Tiffany Studios. Lot #183 was a so-so example of a Favrile glass floor lamp. It had nice color and ribbing in the shade, but there were quite a few chips on the fitter rim. The base had an unattractive statuary bronze doré finish. It was loose and needed help. It sold for $10,080, including buyer’s premium, against an estimate of $3,000 – $4,000. Seems about right. It would have sold for thousands more if the shade were in perfect condition and the base had a nicer finish.

For the complete results of the sale, click here.
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