Another review of recent sales

I will try to publish every Monday, but during the summer it may be difficult.

If you follow my blog, it will not surprise you to know the Tiffany lamp market is still strong. Following is a review of some recent sales, including two Tiffany Studios lamps.

Tiffany Studios 18″ diameter Oak Leaf & Acorn table lamp

The quality of Tiffany Oak Leaf & Acorn lamps varies from unimpressive to outstanding. The difference is the choice of glass. The example above is outstanding with beautiful acorns and a heavily mottled green glass background. The very desirable Cushion base has a fabulous original patina.

Tiffany 19″ diameter Linenfold table lamp

Linenfold table lamps are great because they work with almost any decor from 18th century to modern. The example above is special because it has gorgeous green glass, in fabulous original condition, with a super base and a super original patina.

Argy-Rousseau Fans & Masks vase

Pâte-de-verre by Walter and especially Argy-Rousseau is selling very well. The Argy-Rousseau Fans & Masks vase above is fairly rare with really good color.

I’m interested in buying good pâte-de-verre glass by Walter and Argy-Rousseau. Please email your offers.

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