A review of some recent sales

Business continues to be good, especially French glass and Tiffany Studios lamps. Following are a few of my recent sales. These items are paid for and gone.

Original boxed set of Daum Nancy miniature vases

I just sold a set of Daum miniature vases in the original box from the retailer in France Delvaux, Rue Royale, Paris. All of the miniatures were superb examples, with two of them real rarities; the Rain and the Blackbird examples. It’s the coolest set I’ve ever owned or seen.

Tiffany Studios 18″ diameter Tyler Scroll table lamp

Tiffany Studios lamps have been easy to sell and difficult to replace. Unfortunately I only have a few left for sale. I just sold the example above; an 18″ diameter Tyler Scroll lamp. It was a very fine example, with rich color in the geometric band, a great patina and in superb condition.

Daum Nancy Rain veilleuse (night light)

Daum Rain scenes are rare and highly desirable. The tumbler above was converted into a night light at the factory simply by adding a cap with an electric socket. It looks lovely both lit and unlit.

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