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Happy 4th of July! I hope you’re using your masks and taking proper precautions. This COVID-19 nonsense is not going away until we get an effective vaccine. So buckle your seat belts for the long haul.

I’ve been pretty busy, considering that I’m stuck at home and not doing any shows. Business has been surprisingly good. I’ve been selling quite a bit and buying accordingly.

Following are a few of the many examples I’ve just listed on my website. First is a rare and very desirable Tiffany Studios Spider table lamp. This lamp came from a one-owner home in New Hampshire. Never touched by human hands as a good friend likes to say about virgin items. I sent it to my restorer to be professionally rewired and now it’s ready to go into your home.

Tiffany Studios 15″ diameter Spider table lamp
Second is a magnificent Daum Nancy vase with Datura flowers. They don’t grow in the Northeast, so I was unfamiliar with them. I do know they’re very showy, beautiful flowers. The vase has extensive gilding at the top and bottom making it exceptional, especially at 12″ tall.
Daum Nancy Datura vase
Next up is a rare, superb blue Tiffany Tel el Amarna vase. Blue is the second rarest color, after red. This example comes with its original gilded bronze base. Tiffany ground a button on the bottom of the vase to fit perfectly into the bronze holder. It’s fully signed on both the glass and the bronze. What a special vase!
Tiffany blue Favrile Tel el Amarna vase

I’ve posted more than these three items on my website, so please go and have a look. I’ll be posting more every day this week. If any of the items are of interest to you, I’ll be happy to supply more information or photos.

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