John Atzbach, renowned dealer in Imperial Russian antiques and collector of Shelby and Lamborghini automobiles, intends to sell everything

The 1965 first racing Shelby GT350 R-Model ever built

Some of you may recall that I wrote a blog on August 15, 2016 entitled A visit with John Atzbach at his museum of Shelby and Lamborghini automobiles. Click here if you would like to (re)read it. Due to health reasons, John has decided to sell everything.

John’s collection of Shelby Mustang cars

The automobile collection, including 12 Shelbys and Lamborghinis and 18,000 pieces of memorabilia, will all be sold at Mecum’s Auction in Indianapolis, IN, from July 10-18, 2020. Everything will be sold without reserve except for the most important lot of the sale, the 1965 competition Shelby GT350 R-Model. This single car’s sale is expected to exceed $2 million, while the whole sale is expected to exceed $10 million. It will be an exciting auction.

Following are several links to with extensive information about the collection, including a podcast in link 5 and a video in link 6.

Link 1, The Automobile Collection

Link 2, Memorabilia

Link 3, Memorabilia

Link 4, Memorabilia

Link 5 Podcasts (choose #9 for the Atzbach Collection)

Link 6 A video of the collection

Feodor Ruckert enamel egg

To the best of my knowledge, the Imperial Russian collection will also be sold at auction. I’ll update that information as soon as I have it.

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