Daum Nancy Blackbird vases are rare and beautiful

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Daum Nancy liked to repeat decorations on different shaped vases and lamps. There are many examples including seasons and flowers. Blackbirds rate as one of the most collectible and desirable decorations. They’re quite rare, so I’m only able to acquire an example every few years. Amazingly I have three examples now for sale.

Following are three examples I’ve previously sold.

A sold Daum Nancy Blackbird pillow vase
Another sold Daum Nancy Blackbird vase
Still another sold Daum Nancy Blackbird vase

The two Daum miniature Blackbird vases pictured below are doubly rare. First the decoration is rare, and second it’s even rarer to find it on miniature vases. The vase on the left measures 3″ tall and the tumbler on the right measures 1¾” tall. The blackbirds continue around the vases. They’re great examples.

These two rare Daum Nancy Blackbird miniature vases are for sale

The Daum Nancy Blackbird vase pictured below is probably the biggest and best example that exists anywhere in the world. I’ve never seen another that comes close to it in size (28″ tall) or quality. There’s never much detail in the blackbirds on the smaller vases, but on this example, there’s a much bigger canvas, so the birds are highly detailed. It had to have been painted by one of their most talented artists. If you want the best example in the world, it’s for sale here.

The rarest and best Daum Blackbird vase (28″ tall)

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1 thought on “Daum Nancy Blackbird vases are rare and beautiful

  1. Dear Associated,
    I am interested in selling my Daum Nancy vase. It was purchased in 1961 from Ellen Nelson, Antiques and Works of Art in the Biltmore Hotel, Palm Beach Florida. I have the receipt as providence. The purchaser was Mrs.Germaine Hass, and shipped to Mrs. J. Eisenberg, 1050 Park Ave., New York City. . Please let me know if you have interest. I will forward pictures upon hearing your answer. Joseph Jiuliani Sr.

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