Gallé blownout vases are treasures worth owning

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Rare and exceptional Gallé Apple blownout vase

Emile Gallé never lived to see the innovations that took place at his factory after his death in 1904. In the 1920s compressed air was used to inject molten glass into molds (just like Lalique vases). These vases are referred to as blownout, mold-blown, or soufflé — all interchangeable terms.

Red Gallé Plum blownout vase

Blue-purple Gallé Plum blownout vase

Green and yellow Gallé Plum blownout vase

After the vase was formed in the mold, it was treated like other cameo vases. Layers of colored glass were applied to the molten vase, one on top of another. Upon cooling, artists used wax resists and hydrofluoric acid to etch the designs and reveal the colors below. This meant that the same model could be made in many color combinations.

A rare Gallé Elephant blownout vase

I estimate there are approximately 50 different models of Gallé blownout vases, with the Elephant and Rhododendron models the rarest and most valuable.

Prices vary over time and not always up. Prices for the more common models have softened in the last year, so it’s a really good time to add to your collection. It’s similar to the stock market. I add to my portfolio when a stock I like goes on sale. This is your opportunity. Today’s prices range from under $10,000 to over $200,000. Most models are under $20,000.

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