The results of the Denver World Wide Antique Show, July 24-26, 2015

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Saturday afternoon in our booth

Saturday afternoon in our booth

I’m starting to write this blog on Saturday afternoon at 4 PM. (The show closes at 6 PM today.) The show is slow at the moment, with only a few guests walking around. Attendance has been fairly light. We’ve only made sales to two clients as of this point, but since they were both good, we’re having an excellent show.

We sold this Tiffany Studios 22-inch Nasturtium table lamp at the show

We sold this Tiffany Studios 22-inch Nasturtium table lamp at the show

One client drove five hours to see us at the show. We are very thankful to him and his lovely family (who also visited). If he hadn’t come, we would have had a poor show.

Update: Sunday, 2:30 PM. One of yesterday’s clients made an additional purchase, so our excellent show got even better. The problem is that we didn’t need the general public. All of our sales were just to two clients. If we had sold the same merchandise to ten clients, I would be jumping up and down with excitement. Instead, I feel we were lucky. Thanks once again to our dear clients. Looks like we’ll be coming back to Denver next summer.

Click here to check my website for the latest items and to look around. I will update it as often as time permits. We’re still very much in business between shows, so please don’t hesitate to email or call. I always strive to offer the finest objects for sale on my website and at every show. There are many items for sale, sold items with prices and free lessons about glass and lamps. And remember to keep reading my blog.

One thought on “The results of the Denver World Wide Antique Show, July 24-26, 2015

  1. I see your point, the point of doing fairs is to attract new clients, cross-over collectors. Those people who come to see something else but fall in love with a lamp, resulting in a purchase. And although dealers are not scholars, it is rewarding to introduce your field and selection to a new audience. But if fair organizers cannot provide the right crowd, what’s the point in doing fairs. On the other hand, you mustn’t describe your success as luck of the draw. You have worked long and hard to build up a network of loyal customers. And as you’re dealing in a niche market, interest is always going to be limited to a smaller group. I have spoken to many dealers, and as quality and price range get higher, it gets more difficult to attract new clients.

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