Surviving Hurricane Sandy om Long Island, part II

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A downed tree and power line on the north shore of Long Island

It’s Sunday night as I write this blog. Tomorrow will be the seventh day without electricity for my neighborhood. My timing on installing a generator was impeccable, just before Hurricane Irene hit last year. I wish my timing on buying and selling stocks were as good. Last year we were without electricity for three days. Seems like a piece of cake now. There’s a possibility we won’t have electricity for another week. Then there’s no TV (did the NY Giants win or lose?) or Internet, as well as telephones because they’re connected to the Internet. We have been able to get Internet through a Verizon MiFi device and our cell phones are working now.

Another downed tree and power line

Progress seems to be slow, but there were so many trees and power lines down, that it doesn’t surprise me. I really can’t imagine what it’s like in those homes that still have no electricity or heat. It’s been getting colder, so it’s getting more difficult each day. People lost all of the food in their refrigerators and freezers. Barbecuing has been the source of hot food for most people with no power. Restaurants that are open are doing brisk business.

A grateful resident of Oyster Bay, Long Island trumpets her victory

Gas lines are getting longer each day. People are waiting 1-4 hours at stations that have 30-50 cars, or more, on line. There are also big lines of people at gas stations, all with one or more gas cans. I think most of those people are powering portable generators. The problem seems to be two-fold — stations with gas have no electricity so they can’t pump OR stations can’t get gasoline. It’s a big mess that shouldn’t last too much longer, but it’s quite the problem now.

I spoke to one man who just got his power back. He had an ear to ear grin — he was so grateful. Makes you appreciate things that are easy to take for granted, like power. May I suggest to you to go out and buy a generator? I installed mine before I had any idea that we would have consecutive year major hurricanes. For the previous 16 years, we haven’t been without power for over 24 hours, and that was only twice. It doesn’t matter where you live. The weather is getting worse each year as a result of global warming and other natural disasters seem to be coming stronger and more often. You could be next.

The NYC Pier Antiques Show will be held November 17 & 18, 2012

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