Setting up at the Denver Antiques Show

Setting up at the Denver Antiques Show

Setting up at the Denver Antiques Show

This is my second time exhibiting at the Denver Antiques Show. I came back because the July show went fairly well. What was best for me was that I was reaching new clients that I had never seen nor sold to before.

The first thing that I noticed during setup is that the show is bigger than the summer show. Apparently the summer show is the smallest of the three shows per year. This time the side room is full of dealers. The second thing I noticed is that the quality of the exhibits is surprisingly good — better than I thought it would be. I’m not sure why I ignored Denver for all these years, but I hope that business is good enough for me to want to come back regularly.

I heard a horror story from one of the dealers about the last March show. Apparently the snow and ice were so bad that when the dealers left the show, they were confronted by really dangerous driving conditions. It’s certainly a consideration should I decide to exhibit here next March. The weather in Denver can be fickle. I’ve been told that it may snow heavily, but that it will melt shortly after.

I’ll report on Monday about the results of the show. I’m cautiously optimistic because I see business getting better. Maybe it was just better in Chicago. We’ll see.

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One thought on “Setting up at the Denver Antiques Show

  1. Philip glad to hear you were impressed by our dealer turn out. And consider March some of the horror stories are from dealers who choose to drive when the weather conditions call for a good night sleep after a great showX

    See you in July!

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