Thanks, Los Angeles

Denver July 24, 2009

Denver July 24, 2009

What a difference a city makes. Each city has a personality based on who shows up. Interest was completely different here in LA, compared to Denver. Tiffany seemed to garner the most interest, with many questions about lamps, glass and desk sets. There was also good interest in French glass and Icart etchings, but slower sales to go with the interest. Los Angeles is one of those cities that doesn’t have a killer show that everyone has to come to, unlike New York, Baltimore or Miami Beach, so getting the right people to show up is difficult. Next up is Pasadena in 10 days. It’s only 45 minutes away from Redondo Beach, but mostly different folks show up there and that’s a good thing.

Matt Long

Matt Long

A lovely young couple came into the booth showing great interest, Matt and Lora Long. Matt is an actor, who I predict is going to be a big star, sometime in the not too distant future. Folks, you read it here first. Matt, you listening? Don’t let me down!

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2 thoughts on “Thanks, Los Angeles

  1. Hey Philip and Lea! We really enjoyed talking to you both and oggling your wonderful pieces. Thank you for the kind words. Looking forward to the next time you all are in town!

  2. And I am really enjoying reading your blog! I will try to think of some topics or questions for you…

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