Philip Chasen Antiques features authentic Louis Comfort Tiffany Favrile glass, antique Tiffany Studios lamps and desk sets, Daum Nancy glass, Emile Galle glass, Louis Icart etchings and paintings, Handel lamps, Pairpoint lamps, Art Deco French glass by Le Verre Francais and Schneider, Rookwood, Grueby, Van Briggle, and Marblehead pottery, Loetz glass, Steuben glass, Quezal glass, Durand glass, Martin Brothers pottery, R. Lalique glass, and F.S. Church paintings.

For 36 years I’ve traveled the world buying and selling many exceptional objects of art. My expertise and integrity are well recognized in the antiques world. I have been dealing with many of the same clients for over 20 years. I hope to do the same with you.

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  1. Hi Philip, I recieved information via e-mail about your blog. I have a numbered Handel lamp ( Parrot Shade). I was wondering if there is anyway to get an idea of it’s value. I have thought about putting it up for auction. Can you assist with soe informatio? Thanks and best regards,

  2. i have a table lamp titled sophistication by Icart. I dont know much about it, but it all seems original. (no glass shades on it) Do you know anything about this, or Icart lamp production?
    any help is appriciated,


  3. Hello Philip,

    I am the editor of WorthPoint.com. I am currently looking for people who blog about antiques who would be interested in doing some writing for our web site. Please e-mail back to me if you are interested.



  4. I have questions concerning two specific pieces I have in my possession, A 14 inch Le Verre Francais and a kralik 11 in vase green glatt with 3 claws. I have inherited these and I want to know what they are worth…?? I can send pics. Thank you for your time.

  5. Melissa, my fee for appraisals/authentications is $125 for the first object and $75 for each additional. Please let me know if you wish to continue.

  6. I have a Vase which I purchased in the mid 80 in Metz ( France). The motiv is called the “Four Seasons” The Vase is 11″ tall and in a square shape from the top .I try to locate someone who can give me a estimate for this object .

  7. Hello I’m first time visit you
    I have interesting about Emile galle No-2206013 waterlily vase,
    please give me a price thank you shoji

  8. I have what is listed as a Louis Icart print (its listed in his portfolio) but the signature appears on the right lower side and its Hart not Icart. On the left side in pencil is the word Boldness. I’m sure the signature is a fake but can’t figure out why someone would sign Hart on an Icart print. Have you seen anything like this?

  9. Harvey, I don’t have a section for links, so I’ll politely decline. After I redesign my site, I may add such a section. Best. Philip

  10. I enjoy your website and blog.
    I was watching for your comments on the recent James Julia lamp and glass auction on June 19 & 20.
    I didn’t see any comments, what did you think of the sale?

  11. Thanks for your kind comments. I’ll write a blog about the Julia sale, either this Thursday or more likely next Monday.

  12. I just watched lot # 11 of Roland New York auction,with an estimate of $250-350, start at $ 7000 and sell x $ 22500

    I thought you might be interested in checking it out and possibly comment on your blog

    Still waiting for the video about French glass


  13. Herman, don’t know about lot #11 at Roland auction. I’m still working on the video of my French glass lecture. That will follow after completing the new website. Thanks for asking.

  14. I am interested in Ernst wahliss sculptures can you send me pics and prices of ones you have available??
    did you sell the three witches?? include that as well please.

  15. I am interested in authenticating a lamp that I believe to be an original Tiffany Blue Wisteria Lamp. Both the base and the shade have tags with the name Tiffany Studios New York. Please advise if this is something you can do.

  16. Yes, my fee is $125, when I can do an authentication from email photographs. In order to look at at item in person, my fee is $250, when it is brought to me.

  17. Hello!
    I recently came into what I believe to be a Manet Etching of the Profile of Beaudelaire

    Do you have an Email or advice on how I can get it authenticated ¿

    Thanks so Much.

  18. Hi Philip!

    I just purchased a Handel lamp at auction and am wondering when it might have been made and what style it is. I believe it is a mosaic arts & crafts. I really don’t care about an appraisal as it is worth what I just paid for it 🙂

    Might you be willing to hazard a guess for me if I send a few pics? The lamp and shade are both stamped Handel, acorn pulls, the shade is in mint condition. Actually, the lamp is not much to look at when it is off but is spectacular when turned on.
    Kind regards,


  19. Mike, what if I don’t think it’s genuine or I think that it’s by another company? That’s part of an appraisal. Sorry, but if you need information about your lamp, you have to get an appraisal.

  20. Hellow Phillip

    What happened with the video about French Art Glass you were working on ?

  21. Thanks for asking. I put the project on the back burner, but hope to get it up for view when I have more time.

  22. Dear Philip
    During our recent move one of our glass shades was broken. I don’t know the name but it is the exact lamp shown on your website amber in color with 18 glass shades.
    Do you have any idea where I can find replacements?
    Iva Brady

  23. Iva, the only Tiffany lamp with 18 shades is an 18-light lily. I may have a shade for sale. Please send a photo of your lamp and we’ll discuss it further. Best. Philip

  24. Hello, I believe I have an original Maxfield Parrish painting. Could I please email you pictures to verify? It’s signed in his gold signature. Thanks!

  25. Jessie, I’m not the right person to verify Maxfield Parrish’s signature. Sorry. Philip

  26. Dear Mr. Chasen:
    I have been an occasional follower of your blog for the last several years; so impressed with your consistency and reportorial talent that I have sung your praises whenever possible and have referred others in the industry to your blog as a model. That being said, my purpose for contracting you may seem a bit odd. I’m hoping that you can refer me to a few other dealers who also have blogs that approximate your quality. I am the publisher of an antiques magazine from Southern California. I want to keep better track of the industry using this relatively new medium. Next year I will launch a website that will make an attempt to represent the industry. These blogs will be useful adjuncts.
    Thank you for your long service to the industry.
    Collector Network
    (909) 593-1018

  27. Frank, thanks much for the kind words, however I can’t help. I actually don’t know any other antique dealers who write blogs. Good luck with your new venture. Philip

  28. Hi Philip, love your blog. Maybe you can help. I have a beautiful Galle butterfly lamp with the wooded base. I have been told the lamp is suspect given the difference in Galle signatures from base to shade. In your experience, do the signatures never differ? Thanks for your help. Happy to send pictures if needed.

  29. If the shade is original to the base, the signatures will usually match. If you need anything formal, you can send photos. My fee is $125 for appraisals. Best. Philip

  30. Philip, I am interested in an official appraisal for insurance purposes of a Chiparus “Dourga”. I have many images that I can send you a link to (Google Drive). Could you let me know what your process is?

    Thanks much!

  31. Daniel, I don’t consider myself an expert in Art Deco bronze and ivory figures, so I will not be able to do your appraisal. Best. Philip

  32. I have a lampshade in my possession that I would like to get an estimate on, could I send you a few pictures
    Thank you in advance for your expert opinion

  33. How would I go about getting an appraisal from you of a Louis Icart etching that I believe is an original?

  34. Hi Phillip
    I am considering parting with a monument piece by Charder. It a beautiful cameo glass vase that stands 23 inches tall. I’m not sure of it’s value but would be interested in knowing what its worth and if it is something you might be interested in. Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

  35. Sir, a message from Greece! I have a lampe Gallee from my grand father he was a collectionneur.I want to sell it.From Greece is possible to sent the object to you????.And some fotos from the lamp.Is the first time that i try to do something like that.But i have reed your block and i am sure of your history in the world of antiques.The lamp is an antique about 100hears.
    Sent details for me if you can.Thank you very match.

    want to buy it.But from greece how i wil sent the lamp.
    Is possible?How i kant sent some fotos from the object???
    The lamp is wonderful.

  36. I am very interested in purchasing a Tiffany glass tile. Most likely I would only be able to afford one and was wondering if you would be able to help.

  37. Sorry, Janet. I’ve had some Tiffany tiles over the years, but I have none for sale at the moment. I think your best bet is eBay. Best. Philip

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