The Denver Antiques Show, July 16-18, 2010

A view of some of the lamps in my booth at the Denver Antiques Show

A view of some of the lamps in my booth at the Denver Antiques Show

I’m writing from the floor of the antique show in Denver. It’s the third time I’m exhibiting here and this will be the acid test of whether I’ll return to Denver. After the first few hours of the show, the early results are inconclusive.

In the meantime, let me first apologize for not updating my blog recently. Preparing to exhibit at my summer shows has been a time-consuming task and I just didn’t have the time. Now that the shows have started, I’ll try hard to update my blog regularly, twice weekly, usually on Monday and Thursday.

I’ve heard from several people that they’re received pop-up notices from Microsoft that my blog is not safe to view. I’ve had this thoroughly checked by my son (who is an expert on website design and safety), as well as Norton Antivirus. If you suspect that a site is not safe, enter the URL in the search box on the Norton site. Here’s the link. Norton Safeweb. You can check the safety of any website. I’ve entered my own blog URL and received the following notice.

Norton Safeweb evaluation of

Norton Safeweb evaluation of

I suggest that you ignore the unsafe notice from Microsoft or add my site address to your list of “trusted sites” and the issue will go away. Please write to me if you’ve experienced any similar problems.

Back to the Denver show. Setup went smoothly, but was a bigger deal than usual because so much of the merchandise was new. I spent a good part of the spring and early summer buying like a madman, so I could display many new and fine items. In that respect, I was highly successful. During setup, I sold a couple of large fantastic bronzes to another dealer. Pre-show sales are always nice and got the show off to a good start.

Rare Quezal vase with flower decoration

Rare Quezal vase with flower decoration

The show has now been open for a few hours. Attendance was pretty decent for the first few hours, but sales were slow. A great Quezal vase was one of the first items out the door. I’ll keep you posted with the final results on Monday or Tuesday, and a decision as to whether we’ll return to Denver the following July.

I recently added over 10 Galle vases to my website, 7 Tiffany lamps, 1 Grueby vase, 1 Newcomb vase, Daum Nancy glass and a fabulous Burgun & Schverer internally decorated vase. This coming week, I’ll be adding many new items. Please take a look. Click on this link

Please send me your comments or questions about art glass, lamps, Louis Icart, shows, auctions, etc. If it’s interesting, I’ll answer you in a future blog.

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  1. I experienced the same problem, however, it seems OK now. I’m glad to know you were aware of it and got it taken care of quickly. I hope you have a good show in Denver. Marc Bell

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