Celebrity encounters in the antiques business, part VI

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

One day in the mid 1980s, my wife, Lia, was at our street level shop in the Manhattan Arts & Antiques Center on Second Avenue in New York City. “Big Bob” was one of the security guards on duty that day.  He came into our shop and told Lia that Michael Jackson was in the antique center, shopping  on the floor below street level.  Many of the street level shops have windows that face the street, so privacy was an issue.

She left the shop and went to the floor below. Michael Jackson was there, just coming out of one of the shops.  Lia was a bit shy of approaching him, but his bodyguard assured her that she could talk to him with no problem.  Lia told Michael (can I keep using first names?) that our kids like his music.  He was very gracious, friendly and humble.  He permitted photos to be taken with everyone who asked and signed many autographs.  By the time he left, there was a crowd of approximately 15 people around him.  Hard to reconcile the Michael from that day with the one who just passed away.

It seems to be a pattern, but the Polaroid photo Lia took of Michael, that he also signed, has been misplaced.  Maybe we’ll find it one day, but it doesn’t look good.

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