Philip Chasen Antiques features authentic Louis Comfort Tiffany Favrile glass, antique Tiffany Studios lamps and desk sets, Daum Nancy glass, Emile Galle glass, Louis Icart etchings and paintings, Handel lamps, Pairpoint lamps, Art Deco French glass by Le Verre Francais and Schneider, Rookwood, Grueby, Van Briggle, and Marblehead pottery, Loetz glass, Steuben glass, Quezal glass, Durand glass, Martin Brothers pottery, R. Lalique glass, and F.S. Church paintings.

For 36 years I’ve traveled the world buying and selling many exceptional objects of art. My expertise and integrity are well recognized in the antiques world. I have been dealing with many of the same clients for over 20 years. I hope to do the same with you.

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  1. I have a Handel lamp I would like to sell. I have pictures of the lamp and stamped base. I have no idea of it’s worth. Do you appraise? and can you give information about selling? I havve no idea what steps to take. Thank you.

  2. Id like to send you a pic of probably the biggest Icart painting ever done, of Icart and his wife Fanny and their dog… 8x6ft

    It came straight from the Icart estate in the 1970’s… My father purchased it

  3. Hello,
    Back in about 1980 my Mother trash picked the ugliest picture I have ever seen in my life! It is a woman with a peacock and a cauldron of some kind. I have held onto this print for many, many years. It is in pretty bad shape, no longer in a frame and yet I still hold onto it. Maybe for sentimental value since my Mother passed away or maybe because deep down inside I like art. LOL…anyway. It says in the top right corner…copy right 1925 and it is signed by the artist in the left bottom corner. My question is…how would I be able to tell if this was something of value. I am by no means an artsy type of gal…I’m a mother…animal nurse…lover of flea markets…not a knower of the art worls.
    Any help you would be willing to give would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.
    Treena in Pennsylvania.

  4. First you have to find out the name of the artist. Then you can research prices. However, condition is important, so since you mention the print is in bad shape, it probably has little value.

  5. We have a Handel lamp. It’s gorgeous. I’ve been looking around on line at different Handel lamp models and haven’t found anything quite like it. Do you do appraisals? Where are you located? This lamp was appraised at $3,500 in 1981. Please advise. Thank you.

  6. I have several antiques that Id like to get good advice on. Not sure where to start.

  7. I have a Handel 6700 lamp that I would like to sell. I know the bell shape is rare. I saw where Handel lamps do extremely well at auction. How does someone like me auction off one lamp? Or, do you think I should just sell it to a dealer? Kind thanks!

  8. I would like to send you photos of Vargas prints. There are 2 sets of six signed Vargas large prints for sale.
    I obtained then in London in the late eighties.
    Can you please give me you coordinates?

    Supposedly they are the goddess series. Marilyn Monroes headshot wth pointed nails is one. The only unsigned is who is belief is called dianna

    If you’d like to chat, call me at. 840-938/4425

  9. We are looking for a collector who is interested in buying a Galle lamp.

    Could you recommend any collector websites, fairs, clubs, etc?

    Art Nouveau lamp circa 1900 by Emile Galle.
    Dimensions: 35cm high
    Material: Intaglio-carved glass & gilt bronze
    Condition: Excellent and in good working order
    The lamp is currently in London.

    There is also a Galle vase with gilt bronze base and intaglio glass.

  10. I purchased a small vase in Nice – at the flea market they hold one a week. I was concerned that it may be a reproduction of Galle because the signature looked sloppy to me. I bought it because it was not expensive another warning – and I liked it. I would appreciate your opinion. I would like to send you a few photo’s. I am interested in selling it if is authentic.

  11. Could you tell me the range of value for an origin louis icart oil painting “at the park”?

  12. Hello, I have a signed Icart etching of of a woman looking out the attic window of her bedroom with bird cage. The predominant color is blue. It measures 14 1/2 x 16 inches. I am looking to sell it and would like to know it’s value and your commission if you are interested in selling it.. Please let me know your contact to send pictures.

    Thank you,


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