$500,000 Norman Rockwell painting discovered on The Antiques Roadshow

Lots of interesting things have been happening in the antiques world recently. Since I have a bit more time to write about them during the spring, I will be posting new blog entries twice a week, instead of once — Mondays and Thursdays for the next few weeks.

Norman Rockwell The Little Model. Photo by Jeff Dunn for WGBH.

The Antiques Roadshow travels from city to city during the summer months, taping shows for broadcast during the year. At a stop in Eugene, Oregon, an as-yet-unnamed gentleman brought in a painting by Norman Rockwell that had descended in his family. The 1919 original oil on canvas, entitled The Little Model, had been used to illustrate the cover of Collier’s magazine. Norman Rockwell gave it to the present owner’s great-grandmother over 90 years ago.

Collier's Magazine cover, March, 1919. Courtesy BestNormanRockwell.com

The appraiser, Nan Chisholm, of Nan Chisholm Fine Art in New York City, appraised it for $500,000. This was a very rough estimate, as original Rockwell paintings have sold in a wide range of prices at auction, from the low five figures to over one million dollars. In the fifteen year history of the show, the appraisal tied the second-place record for the most valuable item. Only a collection of Chinese jade items that were appraised last year had a higher appraisal — close to one million dollars. The show will air sometime between January and June of 2012. An exact date has not been specified yet.

A very rare Tiffany Studios desk lamp in the Spanish pattern.

Check out my new acquisitions. This week I listed a very rare Tiffany Studios desk lamp in the Spanish pattern, as well as several fine Daum vases, a Daum lamp, several Galle vases and several Tiffany Favrile vases. Soon I’ll be listing a wonderful Tiffany Studios 7-light lily lamp with beautiful shades and a fine patina. Also coming soon will be several wonderful European ceramic items by Clement Massier, Zsolnay and Amphora. Here’s the link. chasenantiques.com

7 thoughts on “$500,000 Norman Rockwell painting discovered on The Antiques Roadshow

  1. I recently purchased two Norman Rockwell prints on canvas (1) Knuckle down September 2, 1939 cpc 1972 (2) Missing tooth September 7, 1957 cpc 1972 at a salvation store in perfect condition. Does it hold any value. (773) 359-7094 regarding any questions. Thank You… with a reply

  2. There’s lots of value in original Norman Rockwell paintings, but very little in prints.

  3. I have a 1950’s oil painting in original frame by German/Polish/American artist Georg Majewiecz called “Forest in Springtime”. It was appraised in 2007 for $3000. He was known mainly for his animal paintings, but this is a landscape. Is this artist collectible, and how should I market this painting? I bought it at a thrift store. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you,
    David Ogden

  4. David, I know nothing about this artist. There are paid sites that have auction records by artist. You can check to see if this artist has sold before and at what price. I would also check eBay, including sold listings to see if he’s ever sold and at what price. The best avenue might be to call a local, reputable auctioneer and ask them. You might want to sell it at auction. Best. Philip

  5. How would I go about finding out what a Norman Rockwell ceramic vase with lid original unbaked Curtis publishing with scene of woods n cabin on vase n Rockwell with cards? Behind him like the top on his beer stein is worth n if I should look into getting it baked thank you I’ve looked n no luck

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